nobody likes you when you’re 23

a little about me

  • 23 y/o female
  • buffalo ny
  • pharmacy student – year 3
  • 2 jobs
  • 3 school organizations
  • 1 research project
  • 21 credits
  • 1 cat

my goals for this blog? get me to kind of journal what i’m doing in my life right now. i want to be able to look back here in a year or so and be able to say “wow my life is a little better.”

i’m not depressed, persay. i just think i could be happier than i am. i have a counselor i attend and a low dose of an antidepressant.

for the most part, i’ll be throwing a bunch of school information here & recaps of what i do each day.

what to expect

i wouldn’t plan on you getting anything out of reading my content. it really is just for myself. i will be posting what i learned in school each day to force myself to study a little bit better as i get senioritis. (if you don’t know, P3 year is basically your last year in a classroom as a pharmacy student. as a P4, you get to do whatever you want on six, 6-week rotations. so yeah, i’m only motivated *slightly* at this point.)


if there somehow is a person who reads this, thank you. if not, thank you future-me.

PS my birthday is actually 9/20, not 9/19. i’m planning on drinking wine tonight to celebrate. lit.