is overachiever an insult or a compliment?

i was that kid in high school (and still am in college) where i try to do as much as i possibly can without driving myself insane.

in high school, it meant running cross country, indoor & outdoor track, marching band, jazz band, acapella group, musical, and working; i basically was at the school from ~7:45am-9:00pm on my longest days.

currently, it means taking 18+ credits each semester, working two jobs for anywhere from 12-36 hours each week depending, TA ~1 class each semester, being vice president of one club & historian of another, assisting in one research project and drafting a second research poster, volunteering with my school for new student tours, and volunteering with the alzheimer’s association. my days are no longer normal, and usually my longest day is from 7:30am-11:30pm, when i go to school until ~5:20pm and then work until close at one of my jobs.

i’ve always been extremely pleased with being able to juggle a lot of things at one time, and it’s something i take pride in. yet, there’s always that person who has to make the comment, “wow, you’re such as overachiever,” with a negative connotation.

why is it a bad thing to try and push yourself to your limits? why is it bad to take advantage of everything that you have available to you in the moment? i’d rather take on too much and say i struggled than do nothing and feel bored.

i have to wonder why somebody would try to make you feel bad for going the extra mile and working your ass off to have fun & end up where you want to be.

i do get that if you put too much on your plate, you’re screwed; i don’t think that warrants calling somebody out for it.


songs i listened to today that are awesome:

The Angel and The One by Weezer
The Forgotten by Green Day
Instant Crush by Daft Punk