one of the things i pride myself on is how well i give gifts (not to brag.) i try to make things that are super sentimental and cheesy.

-painted Boba Fett for my boyfriend’s birthday because he loves Star Wars
-picked some motivational quotes and hand-wrote them on fancy paper and mailed to 2 of my friends who really needed to get some support ❤
-frosting a cake for my dad specific to the Vikings
-got a personalized flask with the Texans logo on it for my boyfriend for our anniversary

one thing i’m really excited about is a gift i’m finishing up for my friend, spam. she lives farther away now, which is a bummer, but i’m making her a personalized photo frame from a hiking adventure we did with our boyfriends.

i’m framing it with stones i picked up on the hike, i took plants and pressed them, and i have photos printed of us all. in the end, it’ll be like a scrapbook page that she can hang up. i’m pretty stoked and i hope she loves it.

that’s pretty much it.

side note: anybody who likes podcasts should listen to hidden brain by NPR. giving some serious depth to the issues women are currently facing in context with how it’s been ignored.