starbucks & shame

i am one of those people who likes my drinks at starbucks made ridiculous. i’m not proud of it. i like ordering a caramel macchiato with 3 extra espresso shots, a cafe vanilla frappe with 3 extra shots, an iced blonde americano with 3 extra espresso shots… it’s pretty basic as far as the amount of work it makes for the barista, but i would never order a drink like that and look a cashier in the eye. so, i tend to mobile order my drinks in advance with the app.

the problem, is espresso shots are very fucking expensive. so i try to avoid ordering drinks from starbucks too frequently because i’d rather order a drink like that than regular, and i’m cheap. i try to just order iced blonde americanos in the meantime, and when i get enough stars, use them up on buying a ridiculous drink for free.

however, today is my birthday. (this is code for FREE drink, no matter the price.) it’s the perks of using up my stars, but not having to order a shit-ton of drinks beforehand to do so.

but today is a double-whammy. they also have the “after 3pm all espresso drinks are half-off.” how the fuck do i NOT take advantage of that, too?

so now, i’m sitting at the starbucks in ub commons with 2 drinks. my birthday drink, a venti cafe vanilla frappe with 5 shots of espresso and a venti iced blonde americano with 7 espresso shots.starbucks

it’s shameful enough to order one of these, but both? i’m a fucking nutcase.

you’d think that my first act would be to run away, drinks in hand, and avoid all possible eye contact. yet, i’m waiting on my friend DT, so i can’t just leave campus. i have to now sit in my shame, both drinks on the table, and avoid meeting the gaze of these employees.

happy birthday.

song i got shuffled to while writing this: hold me by weezer