i've been told for a long time that i'm a good person: sweet/kind/caring/empathetic/etc. and i'm usually told this because i'm not one to back down from helping other people. anytime i was told this when i was younger, i felt like i was getting the good kind of attention; i was being praised. now, as... Continue Reading →


starbucks & shame

i am one of those people who likes my drinks at starbucks made ridiculous. i'm not proud of it. i like ordering a caramel macchiato with 3 extra espresso shots, a cafe vanilla frappe with 3 extra shots, an iced blonde americano with 3 extra espresso shots... it's pretty basic as far as the amount... Continue Reading →

allergic rhinitis

allergic rhinitis: IgE, inflammatory, post-allergens exposure *mast cell are in the nasal mucosa - degranulate when histamine shows up -more likely to have if: FH of AR, atopic dermatitis, asthma; exposed to allergens, eczema, secondhand smoke -symptoms: sneezing, clear rhinorrhea, nasal congestion, fatigue, post nasal drip, itchy nose/eyes -classification: intermittent: <4 days/week OR <4 weeks/year... Continue Reading →

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